Fedora 11: why so poor?

No, I’m serious.

Dual booting. OpenWRT router. Visa laptops connect via WPA2 fine. Fedora11 fine, until I install some updates. Boot back into Vista for a few days. Go back to Fedora, no connection.

I don’t care what the problem is anymore. I’m not sure I care about Fedora anymore. I know you are thinking another whine. Fair enough.

Why oh why

One of the annoying things about Win32 has always been the fixed sized dialogs. You know how it is when some program pops up a dialog with a lot of information in it, but is modal and small (presumably so it will fit on 640×480 screens, or worse). Then you are stuck scrolling around….

I always liked that gtk based apps nearly always gave you non modal dialogs so you could resize as needed. In fact, since the default was non-modal lazy programmers almost never bothered to do anything else.

So Fedora-10, yum pops up a notification that a system error has occurred blah blah. Click for more information and I get:

Real smart.