2011: Woo…

So the fireworks are done, and for tonight  so am I. Amelia is in bed, the last of the Champers (Gratien and Meyer – yes I know) is sitting in my glass, and I’m listening to the second Hitchhiker’s Guide radio play (don’t ask).

Did I learn anything in the last decade?

Change can be hard work? Duh.

I moved from academia to industry (or at least the sheltered workshop that industrial R&D departments can be). I got married, Amelia was born, I hit my mid thirties… Not exactly in that order.

But old is new again

We found some Fiji 400 print film today – who know why we have it – or if it is any good…it has been in the bottom of the cupboard for about 7-8 years. This is a great excuse to pull out my Nikon F2 and have fun. There are a couple of rolls, so I’ll put at least one through the F. I’m kind of limited in manual lenses at present – a 50mm f/2. Should be more than enough. Like lots of nostalgic guys my age, I like film (like my 70s twin and 90’s Am. Std. Strat.), but am too lazy to do much about it . The D90 rocks and since I’m mostly a snapper of kiddy pics at present, it is a perfect fit.

New Year’s day is beach day. Before the next front system moves through an ruins next week. A La-Nina is needed. But many places could do with less rain right now. For me, warm water, gentle surf and offshore mornings would be ideal. Amelia is happy in the surf at 15 months and I’d like to keep that going – if the weather would just play along.


I see you now

Of course excessive drooling and general fussiness are ment to be the classic signs of teething. But first time around you have no idea that this level of unsettledness is any different. So on the back of an eczema flare up, Amelia decided to pop out a couple of incisors!

Have you ever tried to get a baby to open her mouth on cue?


All happy now, my face has cleaned up and my teeth hurt less..

Here comes autumn

I was getting worried that summery conditions would never end, but then a couple of good autumn storms fixed all of that.

Why can’t device makers write PC software?

I like my N85, I really do. But why can’t device makers (from camera makers to phone suppliers, printer hawkers and all the other e-guys) ever test their PC integration software?


I just wanted to update the phone firmware. The updater wanted to update itself . Finally, it decided that I don’t have admin privs for this account and it wants to bail (like Microsoft hasn’t been shipping various OS with different privileges and a means to escalate for some time now…) Of course the damn thing can’t shutdown. Task manager to kill it, which caused the software updater to show a “are you sure” dialog. Then it exited.

Was the dialog hidden behind the app window? Did Nokia even test this stuff. I know the answer, that’s why I’m depressed.

Fedora 11: why so poor?

No, I’m serious.

Dual booting. OpenWRT router. Visa laptops connect via WPA2 fine. Fedora11 fine, until I install some updates. Boot back into Vista for a few days. Go back to Fedora, no connection.

I don’t care what the problem is anymore. I’m not sure I care about Fedora anymore. I know you are thinking another whine. Fair enough.


So Channel9 has decided to broadcast Serenity at 8:30 on Saturday nights? What has it been? 7 years? How long will it last?

Dr. Quinn meets the new Battlestar? only 7 years too late.

I guess I could care if CH9 was more than a casino holding company.

Why do companies bother?

What country is this bird from?When you buy products from many IT companies you usually have to register. This will include telling them stuff like you email address and usually what country you are in. Often they require a lot more in the name of “serving you better”, right.

Do they ever actually use this information in a way that in beneficial to you? I don’t think so.

The number of dim entities that keep offering me cheap or free admission to an industry sponsored conference, … somewhere in the US. Now they know I’m in Australia. They required me to tell them that.

Worse than the geographic stupidity is the timezone cluelessness. Its even cheaper to run a “webinar” these days. Yay team, interact with our best engineers (as opposed to the ones who got pushed into marketing?). Again, no good sending an invite to me for 9am PST (Pacific standard time)! You know I’m at UTC+10, because you asked for it when I created a login! Extra insult is that webinars are not archived so that I can watch the one that occurred while I was sleeping/at work.

Why is TopGear Australia soooooo bad?

I keep wanting it to be good. But really, what’s the point?

I guess we have to just accept our market is small. A show concept built around general competence, interest and goof factor is always going to suffer when all you have is low budget goof factor.