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  • It’s hard to line up a sunset

    When you see travelling and you want to take photos of things like sunsets, it’s all a bit hit and miss. Without knowing the best places for that time of year, you are often running around the streets in vain looking for a view that is a little more westerly. But there always seems like…

  • Yashica 35 – No. 5101421

    The first camera that I could call my own was my mother’s Yashica 35. This was the camera she had taken to France after completion of her undergraduate degree. At some stage I’ll get my hands on the boxes of slides from that period…. However, this is not that camera. Right now, I guess we…

  • After the rain

  • Patterns are everywhere

    Patterns are everywhere
  • C41 in Australian summer

    Is what it’s all about.

  • I like my extension rings

    I like my extension rings

    Moved on from my simple rings to a set with electrical and mechanical coupling. This makes is a snap to do macro on my F5 for instance:

  • Fuji64D in C41

    So, having obtained some Fuji64D it seemed time to experiment. I’ve developed this stock as B&W with good results, but now that I’d processed the colour film I’d bought my C41 kit for, it seemed like a good time to try this ECN2 stock. I’m shooting handheld in bright sunlight with an F3 using a…

  • It’s good when they pose for you

    This guy was kind enough to pose for some time. However, the really sad part for him was that I’m not as technically accomplished as he was beautiful. Even though summer was not very good weather wise, at least autumn has been warm and fairly consistent. The flowers and the insects have been making up…

  • In the middle of things

    So, a dozen chicken carcasses turned into stock (where would I be without a good butcher?) and a good roast done. Feeling very domestic today. All this cooking though has left little time for taking photos. Having rediscovered film, I’m having fun with things like Caffenol instead of commercial developer. The next step of course is…

  • So, I got a ProOptic fisheye

    Why not? The Aussie dollar is strong, and it is a cheap lens. Might as well have some fun. At 8mm on DX I’ve clearly got some work to do to get my eye in. I shoot a D90, so this is a fully manual experience. My first film camera was a Yashica. Back there…