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  • Why are journalists idiots?

    Let me submit an example: But by no means alone. The final thought is that people work 60h weeks to obtain additional material goods. Since the implication this is a vice of white collar professionals (see the rest of the article) then only a journo would think hours of work was directly correlated to…

  • Hi

  • Breakfast

  • Am I middle aged?

    So, I write with a fountain pen, I wear a mechanical watch, and I just bought a film camera. At least I’m not driving a sports car trying to date 20 year olds.

  • Back at last

    Back in the saddle. After some twit broke the site it had taken a while to get it rebuilt from backup. At least I had a backup. It’s interesting looking back. Especially the stuff I wrote as Amelia was growing. It’s not like I remember it. Suddenly I value my blog more. (and wish I’d…

  • Red sky at morn…

    One of those great mornings. It has the radio hosts asking people to send in photos. Great to be alive.

  • Extension rings are fun

    but nothing is in focus…

  • Bunnies

    Need to catch the train to work today. Track work makes this train-bus-train. Weird, we get to waterfall and there are no busses. While waiting for the next train, at least the bunny got breakfast.

  • Squish

    I’m clearly going to have to work on composition, but overall, not to bad.

  • Oh Dear