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  • Why did I buy a car with a sunroof?

    Yeah, secondhand mondeo. I like the car,  but a couple of late summer storms rapidly made me hate the leaking sunroof. Far out Ford, worse designs may exist, but it feels like you worked hard on this one.  The clue was here: But really, I know now that the stupid non return value probably…

  • Ah, falcon central locking

    Well. Today was the day to fit a new drivers door lock actuator. eBay gave me an after market part. Door lining off again. Mechanically an easy fit. But. Not. Working. Eventually, I worked out it was half phase out of sync mechanically/electrically. For me the way to solve it was to open the actuator…

  • My old Dell Inspiron 9300

    A long time a ago, I bought a Dell Inspiron 9300 with a 1920×1200 screen. We are only just getting back to this sort of resolution being available again in 2015. Later, this went to my dad. Now, the CPU/GPU is not doing it for him in Photoshop anymore, so I guess my 6 year…

  • WordPress: so crap is the iOS app

    so, if I write a long post, or insert a picture, or something random….  No post published. Sure, short test messages work. Too frustrating. 

  • It’s no fun replacing the antenna on an AU Falcon

    Snapped the antenna mast on my car. New masts are ~$25. How hard can it be? Yeah. In the hope this helps someone else… Put the car in the garage and turn out the lights. You’ll see later. Turn the steering hard left to access the inside of the wheel bay. Try to undo the…

  • Pity my Lamy?

    I needed a note taking pen that could handle life in a dust environment, perhaps being dropped and it not being the end of the world if I lost it one day. So, a Lamy Safari seemed a good choice. A quick purchase from ebay and I had a nice charcoal pen with a black…

  • Crashy bug prone Facebook app makes me sad

    Write up a post about the museum, take a photo to illustrate it and bang… All gone. Here is a picture anyway:

  • Because sunny weekends are for beach going

  • Weird rainbow

    There it was, just sitting across the sky at midday.

  • Switched to a super oyster bracelet

      Like lots of people, I put wjean’s super oyster bracelet on my skx007.