My girl is growing up

When they are babies, what great models. But then what choice do they have?

Now at nearly eight, Amelia is off playing with friends. Not posing. And not easy to get candids of at the park.

I guess I'll have to turn to macro, or nature/landscaper now.

This is why you can’t depend on Sydney trains

Sigh. No commuter car parking. Cancelled services, no information from staff. Missed appointments.  Having to factor in so much extra time. Yup, it’s still cheaper to drive and pay for parking once time and being stuffed around is taken into account. 

Sunny test

Can the WordPress app upload a photo? Or is this dead to me?

Xmlrpc fails again. Pretty much over this. 

Why did I buy a car with a sunroof?

Yeah, secondhand mondeo. I like the car,  but a couple of late summer storms rapidly made me hate the leaking sunroof. Far out Ford, worse designs may exist, but it feels like you worked hard on this one. 

The clue was here:

But really, I know now that the stupid non return value probably needs to be drilled out. Who runs half inch water tubes through a 3mm non return value and barb, straight into a 90 degree bend? This sort of stupidity ought to be compensated for with easy access for cleaning, right? Nope. Drop the glove box, and the fuse board, clip the cable ties of various bits of loom, pull out the insulation material. Then you can start work on the press fit rubber fitting that passses through the sheet metal, into the wheel well. 

I still like the car. Just not as much. 

Puerto Rican Day Parade

Not being from America, this particular cultural point on the calendar was not the first to spring to mind when I saw the negatives.



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Found Kodacolor

I found an envelope of film marked “A. Robinson’s USA trip – July 1966”.

Sorting the film out (it had been clipped into three frame sets) I had six rolls of “Kodacolor – X”, roughly covering:

  • Puerto Rican Day Parade – New York
  • Niagara Falls
  • A plant visit
  • Washington and suburban dwellings
  • Interstate travel and suburban dwellings
  • San Francisco (and some end frames from Australia)

What else do I know? This camera was bad at frame spacing sometimes and also damaged the sprocket holes at different times. The colours have held up surprisingly well actually:




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Elitechrome is colourful….

Finally, I’ve found the time to start developing my slides from the German trip last year. And fortunately they look great so far. 8 rolls drying, another 4 to go. I had picked up a bunch of Kodak Elitechrome 100 off eBay. Match to a “new” Leica that I’d only put one roll of film through before leaving was taking a risk at best. (I did take my D90 too)

Initial observations are that I tend to underexposed the Leica IIIf a bit. However, when you consider that I was using a 5cm f/3.5 with frozen aperture blades and sunny-16 metering, the results are fantastic. I can’t believe just how well the low light stuff came out. Having used SLRs for nearly my whole life, anything below 1/50th was just accepted to be risky and usually a waste of money on developing costs.

Since the logic was to take a German camera on a Berlin trip, you could argue that I should have shot Agfa. There is the availability issue of course. And working though my grandfather’s Agfa slides, which have faded to various shades of brown. My mother’s 1960’s trip to France by comparison remains very nice on Kodachrome.

Why do I want a 4×5 camera?

I struggle to use my Hasselblad as much as I’d like to. Being out and about with a 6 yr old really demands a good AF system for the inevitable single handed shooting required.

So 4×5 seems like nice to have, but no real purpose.

I still want one.

Maybe the solution is a press-style camera? The modern travel 4×5’s offer something of a halfway house. The inconvenience of larger formats, but lacking the ability/hassle of camera movements. Of course I could just build a wood box and get started. That would force procuring a lens, film holders and developing gear. I’d be sloping down the slope well by then.

Ah, falcon central locking

Well. Today was the day to fit a new drivers door lock actuator.

eBay gave me an after market part. Door lining off again. Mechanically an easy fit.

But. Not. Working.

Eventually, I worked out it was half phase out of sync mechanically/electrically. For me the way to solve it was to open the actuator drive and wind it to the position the car was expecting electrically. Everything is nice now.