As I guess was becoming obvious, I’m kind of out of steam on this project. Not enough time, and switching to broadband are what really did it in. If you want to take over development, drop me a line. (dp: Jan 3 2005)

A GNOME Masqdialer client

GMasqDialer is a small GNOME client (that works with plain GTK+ too) for the masqdialer server which you can use to connect to the internet in IP masqueraded/NAT networks without using telnet.
More Gtk2/Gnome2 porting goodness

Now we have a pretty functional app. It mostly does what it should and looks like it should. The user configuration stuff got hammered this version, so let me know if you have trouble there.

Right now the applet portion is still disabled. Basically, send me bug reports and patches.


The panel applet:

And the main program:


Download version 0.99.13 sources
Download version 0.99.13-3 srpm
Download version 0.99.13-3 rpm

Thanks to Buchan Milne, we have a build for Mandrake 9.0
Download gmasqdialer-0.99.13-1mdk.i586.rpm for mandrake (remote link)


Thanks to Timo Sirainen for writing the original GMasqDialer.