An sftp-0.9.9 “port” to cygwin on win32

sftp in this form has reached the end of its useful life. The sftp packaged with openssh is more than adequate. See the full notice at the upstream developer’s page.

This page is left here for historical interest only.

Well, not much of a port, cygwin is pretty complete these days. Anyhow, if you just want to use sftp under win32 download sftp-0.9.9-05112001.zip. Read the README.

If you want to setup sftp to allow logins and to ftp INTO your win32 box, then you are going to need the full cygwin setup. Goto sources.redhat.com and try it out. They have links to a nice collection of ports for many (most?) of the interesting opensource unix packages. Makes crossplatform work relatively painless.

Cygwin is now complete enough to not require any patches to the sftp source.