a Gtk+ based 3d modeller

Blake E Hegerle (laertes @ stab.gemma.com) gave the world g3d, and then seemed to drop off it. Last time I checked that email address bounces.

The original website is here http://www.stcloudstate.edu/~hebl9901/g3d/.

So, needing a simple 3d editor to bend to my whim, I adopted it have used it to great effect building models for a numerical program I work on.

The upshot of all that is my changes and bug fixes need to get out there. And so here they are. Note: I have bumped the version number to 0.1.0, the original is 0.0.2.


License: GPL

Changes 0.0.2->0.1.0


  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Can input point coordinates manually.
  • Zoom function.
  • Switch to bottom left corner being 0,0.
  • Some opengl tweaks (ok lighting is still bad, need to read more).


  • autoconf/automake reworked.
  • included spec for rpms (which will put it in the gnome menus)
  • Can build dynamic/static.
  • Can build such that binary will run in place.
  • reorganised b3d directory structure.
  • if installing rpm on a box with GNOME installed, attempt to make a menu entry.


Main window. (showing the “not quite working” gl lighting)