Pity my Lamy?

I needed a note taking pen that could handle life in a dust environment, perhaps being dropped and it not being the end of the world if I lost it one day. So, a Lamy Safari seemed a good choice. A quick purchase from ebay and I had a nice charcoal pen with a black EF nib.

This pen has survived several years of daily use. The molded plastic texture by now starting to go smooth from daily use. The nib is not “buttery” as these things go. But it has a nice resistance that suits note taking in a diary positioned on a knee in meetings. It is not scratchy and certainly not a wet line. This is just as well given the cheap paper supplied in many work places that is only good for ball points.

This pen was a nice work piece. So much so that my wife started “borrowing” it for extended periods of time, The solution was obvious, buy her one of her own. In due course, a white safari again with an EF nib arrived and immediately disappointed. A very slippery nib that skipped badly,

Fine. These are at least inexpensive so I tried again. The second white safari was an improvement, but still not as nice as the original pen. This has been followed by a Noodlers Ahab, which despite repeated cleanings as advised, still skips and gives a quite uneven line.

What now? Commit to a more expensive purchase with extensive pre purchase testing? Crash course in pen adjustment? Probably the latter.

I’ll continue with my parent’s Conway Stewarts and Parkers in the interim and keep a lookout for something nice for my wife.