Made it in one piece

gare_de_lestLots of hanging around waiting for my train, but TGV is a great way to travel.

It really does leave on time within a second or two of schedule. It stayed slow through Paris, then it really opens it up outside. There is no sensation of speed since you travel through endless fields, everything is a fair way away. Mind you when you pass another TGV at speed going the other way it is quite a physical jolt. While sitting at the one stop we made before Metz, other TGV went past, THAT looked fast.

Sami and I had a miss communication about where to meet. He said “meet a the bank, and just stay there till we find one another”, OK. So looking on the platform for a Bank, no Bank, alright try in the station, nope, what about just outside, nope. OK go and wait at the lobby….That’s where we ran into each other. “Why didn’t you stay at the bank” Um I was looking for a Bank. Bank=platform. Oh.