The eyes have it

One of the fun games during pregnancy was trying to anticipate what aspects of the gene collection Amelia would eventually express. A fun one was could she buck the very likely outcome and get blue eyes instead of brown. To paraphrase Big Trouble in Little China, “Chinese girls do not come with blue eyes…”

So then Amelia was born. One of the things you really don’t get until you are a parent how babies grow in the early weeks. (In my generation, you usually don’t see a lot of newborns up close, and even then not long enough to notice much) To begin with her eyes were set deep into her face and combined with the way newborns keep them closed, we only had hints of eye colour. But they were looking pretty brown.

Later on we started to get hints that we might have one of each! (Ok, we know it wont last)

So for several weeks we been trying to get a photo that shows both eyes with the light in them. (THAT was way harder than I expected). So here in all their surprise, my brown and blue eyed girl: