Why do companies bother?

What country is this bird from?When you buy products from many IT companies you usually have to register. This will include telling them stuff like you email address and usually what country you are in. Often they require a lot more in the name of “serving you better”, right.

Do they ever actually use this information in a way that in beneficial to you? I don’t think so.

The number of dim entities that keep offering me cheap or free admission to an industry sponsored conference, … somewhere in the US. Now they know I’m in Australia. They required me to tell them that.

Worse than the geographic stupidity is the timezone cluelessness. Its even cheaper to run a “webinar” these days. Yay team, interact with our best engineers (as opposed to the ones who got pushed into marketing?). Again, no good sending an invite to me for 9am PST (Pacific standard time)! You know I’m at UTC+10, because you asked for it when I created a login! Extra insult is that webinars are not archived so that I can watch the one that occurred while I was sleeping/at work.