What?! Did I Just Lock-Up My Hasselblad?!

Working fast to pack before heading up the coast to visit my dad. Packing clothes for my daughter, darkroom supplies for my dad. And packing my 500c/m (actually dad’s) with my newly purchased 50mm.

From experience, the Hassy goes best into the box with the lens off. No problem, twist, buzz (buzz??????!!!!!), WHAT!

The infamous lens shutter trip during lens change.

OK, spin the coupling and recock, easy right? Nope, this is the hard-lockup. Ok, too hard to do on a deadline, pack a different camera.

Today was the day to internet-fix it or pack it up for professional help.


This one needed the full treatment as described at the link above. But it did work and everything is nice again.

Still, I should probably schedule a CLA.