You SHOULD own (lots of) gear

It seems it’s all the rage now to write blog posts about how you dumped 20k of canon/nikon gear, got a M4/3 (or whatever) and “found” your artistic vision. Whatever works for you. But I don’t think you should try to persuade everyone else that this is the “one true way” though.

I’ve got lots of nice film gear. And lots of nice digital gear. And some cool medium format and rangefinder stuff. At a stretch I can do 4×5 with some salvaged technical microscope cameras too. I love it all. I want more of it.

I don’t take it all out with me. That would be madness. But seriously. A 200/2.8 makes nice portraits. But it does lots of other stuff too just walk a bit. Take one camera/lens and shoot. Then think about it. And shoot some more.

At five, my daughter had started to pose. This had made the natural photos harder to get. But I’m getting more opportunities to shoot carefully. I don’t see me reducing the amount of gear anytime soon.

I still want a big format camera too.