Month: December 2015

  • I’m a legend

    Watching Spicks and Specks with the 6 year old: “How do you know all the answers?!” Good to know I still can impress here!

  • GTK+3.x and menus

    So, having got kludge3d to the “starts, but doesn’t work” stage, I need to start implementing all the bits that got commented out along the way. For example, there are no menus because the method that was being used (GtkItemFactory) is deprecated (and so is a pain to compile) – time to move to the…

  • Porting to GTK+3

    For a long time I’ve used kludge3d as the basis for a geometry editing front end to my DPS program. kludge3d is a GTK+2.x app using gtkglext for OpenGL access and I regularly used it under windows and Linux. Now, kludge3d hasn’t had much upstream development (last release 22/8/2004). That said, I’ve been able to…