Yashica 35 – No. 5101421


The first camera that I could call my own was my mother’s Yashica 35. This was the camera she had taken to France after completion of her undergraduate degree. At some stage I’ll get my hands on the boxes of slides from that period….

However, this is not that camera. Right now, I guess we are close to the point where film is drying up. Kodak is bankrupt, Fiji is dropping product lines. But really nice cameras are cheap (This Yashica was too good to pass up at $30).

In this example, the focus is stiff, and the film advance lever doesn’t want to flip back strongly, but these are small issues. The leatherette is in excellent condition and all in all it is a very nice camera. I’m so glad to have such a model back in my hands. For fun reasons, I’m trying to shoot via Sunny-16 rule and actually really enjoying this.