It’s good when they pose for you

DSC_0149This guy was kind enough to pose for some time. However, the really sad part for him was that I’m not as technically accomplished as he was beautiful. Even though summer was not very good weather wise, at least autumn has been warm and fairly consistent. The flowers and the insects have been making up for lost time.

Little kids with small cameras

Amelia has had a camera of her own since Christmas. This has led her to document many aspects of her life. What books she reads, jigsaws completed, her feet…..

IMG_0904 IMG_1019

I think it is pretty cool when she snaps pictures of me, (aware or otherwise). It does give a different perspective.

IMG_1006 IMG_1068

Fortunately, it is a water proof camera, so I can get some shots of her that you’d not normally be game to! Again, she takes pictures that would seems strange if you were more than 100cm tall!

IMG_1060  IMG_1072

It’s cool that she is proud of what she does. It seems not that long ago that just being able stack one block on another was pretty cool. Now we’ve got fine motor skills and imagination!


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In the middle of things

img003So, a dozen chicken carcasses turned into stock (where would I be without a good butcher?) and a good roast done. Feeling very domestic today. All this cooking though has left little time for taking photos. Having rediscovered film, I’m having fun with things like Caffenol instead of commercial developer. The next step of course is to try and make my own emulsion and coat glass slides.

That’s progress

img023Well, Amelia is around 3 and a half now. So we are getting some more interesting behaviour. For example I gave her a deck of playing cards for Christmas and we’ve been playing snap since then. Recently she has started sorting the cards into suits first and now doesn’t want them shuffled. Instead, I get to play with the black cards, she with the red. Naturally there are few opportunities to ‘snap’. Ah, but there is a solution. If Amelia periodically plays more than one card at once, about half the time, they will be the same suit. She always wins!

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I feel funny

img002Finally got a play date with old friends (it’s just hard to line free time up, especially once their second daughter arrived).

Everything was going fine but suddenly Amelia wasn’t herself. But she was adamant she was still going to the park. All fine, crossing the road with her on my hip, one big yak right into my left ear. Three more followed at the park before she decided it was time to go home…

Well, that’s only the second big yak of her life.

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