Because pookie daughters REALLY like sushi

So, this is right side up on the iPhone, upside down on Chrome/Windows7, not supported by Firefox/Windows7, and I can’t be bothered testing elsewhere.

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Am I middle aged?

So, I write with a fountain pen, I wear a mechanical watch, and I just bought a film camera.

At least I’m not driving a sports car trying to date 20 year olds.

Back at last

Back in the saddle. After some twit broke the site it had taken a while to get it rebuilt from backup. At least I had a backup.

It’s interesting looking back. Especially the stuff I wrote as Amelia was growing. It’s not like I remember it. Suddenly I value my blog more. (and wish I’d kept a diary through the university years)

Onwards and upwards.


Miss Amelia and Bath Time

It is cold and she wants a bath before bed. But not just a bath. With bubbles please!

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