Month: January 2012

  • Pay your money, accept the odds

    Interactive charity coin spirals seem to be a lot more fun now.

  • Yeah, the imaginary cat did it

    You know those humorous photos of something shredded with a guilty looking dog in frame? Well, I didn’t catch Amelia at this, but that used to be pillow stuffing.

  • Amelia trying to eat seagulls

    They don’t stand a chance. After she disapproved of lunch, free range birdies were always going to be in trouble. But she was too tired out to make the next open house.

  • No ebooks

    It turns out physical books are way cooler when you are two!

  • Best so far

    best pizza i’ve made so far. It’s a shame that with Amelia’s wheat allergy I don’t get to cook like this much. But I do love sourdough made with wild yeast. Not that I’ve made much for the last few years. I’ve made some very bad wheat free things though. Some gems, sure (Yorkshire puffs,…