So, I got a ProOptic fisheye

Why not? The Aussie dollar is strong, and it is a cheap lens. Might as well have some fun.

At 8mm on DX I’ve clearly got some work to do to get my eye in. I shoot a D90, so this is a fully manual experience. My first film camera was a Yashica. Back there again with this lens. At least with an LCD you can quickly home in on what you want.


We start with the obligatory flower bed. Its not macro, so I can’t really say I put enough things in to make a fully involving frame. Shooting up tree trunks is always fun. And it often doesn’t matter where the ground is. Of course when you go wide, you seem to get yourself into the shot alot!

Two shots from the same spot. Getting an aesthetic result is going to take me some time. I really like the drooping crane, but the horizontal aspect has a much more involving foreground. Maybe I need a 6mm lens!

Sometimes when I’m walking, I keep the camera by my side and run off a few frames while out and about. Lots of people don’t like being in your photos when you carry an SLR, so looking harmless helps. Since we are fully manual here, it is a bit more pot-luck. This is a building where I live, the front steps are nicely weird!


I’m not worried

It wasn’t me…

What’s THAT!

No. I promise. I wasn’t touching anything on the bench!

I Like to brush my teeth. A LOT!

It’s my potato and you can’t cook it!

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