Fedora 14 is out, so what are the initial impressions? Sigh. Look I use Fedora in a lot of situations (compuational cluster, laptop, mythbox), but its the little things that get me down.

Install F14 from the liveCD. During installation, tell it to use UTC and ntp. Once we login we find:

Would have thought they might notice that in testing.Yes, I should file a bug report. And it would have been better to do it during beta. But in about 10 minutes I’ll disable SELinux like everyone else does….


Browse CD, hit button on drive, remove CD. Oh its still mounted on the desktop. Right click icon (so I can try and force and unmount) poof Nautilus crashed. Helpfully the system asked if I wanted to report the crash. Perhaps it should warn its going to download and install all the debug packages…

Notice that there is no option to change your mind once you realise your mistake?

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Don’t eat angry

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