The great outdoors

We got up the coast last week. This summer will be the first real one for Amelia. Here we are making the most of saltwater. There wasn’t too much stinky seaweed. Turns out, sandy cuttle bone… tastes good!

Today, we found ourselves in the eastern suburbs. After waking up near La Perouse, it was the perfect time to head out to Bare Island and have a picnic.

Amelia discovered Sydney sandstone.


Baby lead weaning. Its great. You get some surprises, beef ribs, who knew?

Sometimes it is just fun to wear dinner:

Sometimes broccoli is good (that WAS a surprise!)

Yes, that is a sushi roll!

More study

There I was, working through a numerical modelling paper, turns out, they are more fun to pull apart and romp around the room with than read:

Start ’em young

One of the things that freaked me out in the whole “we are having a baby” period was the (mostly pointless) worrying about how you achieve all the learning milestones. It’s obvious now that we learn by mimicking: