Sunny days

Thank goodness that spring is hinting at some sort of arrival.

We’ve been testing a slightly wider range of food on Amelia lately. This is generally good, cause otherwise it is very boring for everyone. Try explaining food allergies to an 11 month old!

We had our blood test months ago and were avoiding dairy, wheat an eggs. After a couple of months of exclusion it was time to prove positive wheat by adding it to the diet. So Thursday night Amelia got a very small amount of wheat. 20 minutes later she was fussy, 2 hours later was full on hell. Hives, rash, insane scratching. Oh-yeah, we are sensitive to wheat.

Ok, at least we have everything on hand to ease symptoms. Pretty rough night. On the upside, she is growing up. So we have been treated to a great weekend of long day time sleeps (but weird 1am bouts of Patty-cake).

Today was just magic. A 2.5h midday sleep, then we when  into the city for an afternoon picnic in Hyde park. Then home for fun bath time (now that evenings are not so cold, this is viable again).

And relax.

Election 2010

Here we are at 5:30pm, Amelia’s first election.

At the time of posting, it is looking like a hung Parliament. Going to be interesting. Nothing of note in my local electorate. I’ve never voted in an electorate where my vote would make the slightest bit of difference in the house of reps. Maybe I should choose where to live based on the ability to make a difference rather than lifestyle, transport, value and other meaningless metrics.