Amelia would like a laptop please

A laptop is good, but at cat-in-the-hat hat is better!

Now, how hard is it to get two people to smile at the same time? Well if you take enough photos, eventually you will get something special…

Daddy? I’m threatening you… soon I’m going to walk…. all over you!

Just read it Amelia, you don’t have to give me a running commentary.

What company do you work for again? Of course, turn your back and there will be consequences! Now BlueScope needs to start making edible business cards. I sense a niche market opportunity!

Watching her play with the box instead? (And the ANZ Sydney festival wand!)

Ok, I love you too Daddy.

Parents do the worst things. Juanita Phillips was saved by a pressure cooker. Us? By Le Crusette! (And chocolate!!!)

Of course, matching tee shirts means war…

That’s all folks!

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