I see you now

Of course excessive drooling and general fussiness are ment to be the classic signs of teething. But first time around you have no idea that this level of unsettledness is any different. So on the back of an eczema flare up, Amelia decided to pop out a couple of incisors!

Have you ever tried to get a baby to open her mouth on cue?


All happy now, my face has cleaned up and my teeth hurt less..

Easter is great!

I helped Daddy make red eggs and toast (documentary evidence is withheld to protect the guilty – what a mess!), and then he surprised me with a nice mini-chocolate bunny. How good is that?

Meanwhile, the hot crossed buns turned out excellently this year. I think the best part about home made ones is you can have as much fruit as you like and they go stale in about 4 hours so there is extra incentive to eat them all at once!

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