Month: December 2009

  • I’ll miss summer when its gone

  • Pressies

    At 8am, sun shines in the window, time to get up and play. Amelia doesn’t know what good things are coming her way. Sadly, at 3 months, my attention span was outstripped by some people’s enthusiasm. That was fun mummy, can we do it again tomorrow?

  • Do you know what you are doing?

    At some point dad has to get the hang of this. Sadly what this photo doesn’t show is how long it took to put almost none of the contents of bottle into the baby. There’s time yet….

  • Merry Christmas

  • The eyes have it

    One of the fun games during pregnancy was trying to anticipate what aspects of the gene collection Amelia would eventually express. A fun one was could she buck the very likely outcome and get blue eyes instead of brown. To paraphrase Big Trouble in Little China, “Chinese girls do not come with blue eyes…” So…

  • Milestone alert

    Big heads come with big neck loadings… [flv: 320 240]

  • Why can’t device makers write PC software?

    I like my N85, I really do. But why can’t device makers (from camera makers to phone suppliers, printer hawkers and all the other e-guys) ever test their PC integration software? I just wanted to update the phone firmware. The updater wanted to update itself . Finally, it decided that I don’t have admin privs…