Busting out from hospital

Quick, make a break for it!

Our favorite midwife, Marjon (who took us all the way through antenatal and luckily was working the night Amelia was born: you can’t do better than end-to-end care!)


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Heads above water…

Its remarkable what a little sleep can do…

Proud grandparents Soo and Peter get a hold:


Finally getting some longer shuteye after mummy’s milk came in.


Somebody save me from this fool…


Daddy does not live by tim-tams alone!


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A new addition

Well, that was a night.

May and Amelia (3.4kg) are doing fine. Me? I’m in shock – but Dad’s are allowed to be a little bit useless!

More news soon, need some sleep and food, not sure what order yet.

Amelia 3.4kg L:51cm HC:35cm Wow!
Amelia 3.4kg L:51cm HC:35cm Wow!
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Fedora 11: why so poor?

No, I’m serious.

Dual booting. OpenWRT router. Visa laptops connect via WPA2 fine. Fedora11 fine, until I install some updates. Boot back into Vista for a few days. Go back to Fedora, no connection.

I don’t care what the problem is anymore. I’m not sure I care about Fedora anymore. I know you are thinking another whine. Fair enough.