This is why I don’t like .NET

I end up writing most of my things against the basic API. It requires no additional steps by the users and for the installed base of computers, (still have XP and for some special offline applications, W2K) it allows single binary platform support.

For the installation and operation of XXXXX on Windows the .NET Framework 2.0 SP2
or .NET Framework 3.x is required (please note that .NET Framwork 4 or newer will
not work).

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Big things


I always marvel at the big boats cruising in and out of Port Kembla. You are so close to them just driving on the road.

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Power naps all round then

Well, the report season has ended. Wow that nearly killed me!

It seems a bit harder now to estimate available hours when the crunch time comes. I’m sleeping in tomorrow…

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