Frame lock or what!

For some time we have been using industrial cameras to look at different phenomena. Our outside interests include a keen amateur golf group. Watching video of yourself is a good way to learn more about what you should be doing with your body. Recording at hundreds of frames per second is even better. Even better would be looking at your body with two camera’s simultaneously. Something we weren’t set up to do…. until now.

[flv: 496 248]

True, this is hardly an impossible problem. Money solves all problems, but it took us a while to accumulate the gear and the work projects to have everything in place. So here it is.

Looking at my swing… I don’t think I’ll quit for the tour just yet.

Bunker blues

We have a roughly weekly work golf game that travels between the public courses in the Illawarra. With good coastal rains this late summer, the grass has been the best for a long time. Sadly one feature of the Illawarra courses always disappoints. Bunkers!

Sadly the sand is often the coarse local beach variety. The bunkers are undrained, so morning golf in winter means rock hard bottoms filled with dew… And the sand is not kept topped up. The number of times the club just bounces off the clay less than 1cm below the surface and I watch a bad miss-hit strike the face of the bunker…

It’s still better than sitting at a desk though.