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  • Deboned duck

    Yeah, I spent way too long deboning and stuffing a duck. Thank goodness for YouTube guides. With a grain allergic child, chocolate soufflé with cornflour was a great Xmas pud substitute. Put a dry rub on a brisket for smoking tomorrow too. Have had worse Christmas days.

  • Snapper and oysters

    Yup. Charcoal cooked snapper, Sarawak style. Big advantage of Malaysian in-laws. I seem to have accidentally kept my falcon. Oh dear. Three cars. That wasn’t the plan. My Dec 99 AU may be an example of ‘survivor bias’, but it still is a very reliable and comfortable tourer. Though it has been down graded to…

  • Hot crossed buns

    I have been making at least a few batches of hot crossed buns every year for many years. But Amelia turned out to be so sensitive to wheat that initially I couldn’t even cook wheat containing meals in the same kitchen. I tried making various wheat free versions. But now that we are wheat, egg,…

  • A view that no longer exists…

    A view that no longer exists…

      A photo from 2009 when we still lived in the flat in Sutherland. Now there is a block of flats and a rail commuter car park where this photo is looking. Our house is great, but we can’t see the horizon for sunrise or sunset. I miss sunset especially in autumn as it mostly…

  • The story of Amelia’s Easter (in pictures)

    Well, most chocolate contains milk/wheat derived sweetener these days. But thankfully, plastic eggs you can fill with your own treats can be found!

  • Amelia turned 3

    By next year I guess she will have mastered this ‘blowing out candles” thing. So make the most of it while you can.

  • Breakfast at Amelia’s

  • Because sometimes you need a day off

    Brunch at Circular Quay. Sunny days. Better than the alternative.

  • Because pookie daughters REALLY like sushi

    Your browser does not support the video tag So, this is right side up on the iPhone, upside down on Chrome/Windows7, not supported by Firefox/Windows7, and I can’t be bothered testing elsewhere.

  • Best so far

    best pizza i’ve made so far. It’s a shame that with Amelia’s wheat allergy I don’t get to cook like this much. But I do love sourdough made with wild yeast. Not that I’ve made much for the last few years. I’ve made some very bad wheat free things though. Some gems, sure (Yorkshire puffs,…