Hot crossed buns

I have been making at least a few batches of hot crossed buns every year for many years. But Amelia turned out to be so sensitive to wheat that initially I couldn’t even cook wheat containing meals in the same kitchen. I tried making various wheat free versions. But now that we are wheat, egg, rice and corn free…. I’ve not succeeded in making an acceptable tapioca bun.

This year, things are under better control. I can make some wheat things like pancakes without bad reactions, so I started a small batch of buns last night

When I baked them today we got tasty light buns. So happy.

A view that no longer exists…


A photo from 2009 when we still lived in the flat in Sutherland.

Now there is a block of flats and a rail commuter car park where this photo is looking.

Our house is great, but we can’t see the horizon for sunrise or sunset. I miss sunset especially in autumn as it mostly coincided with cooking the evening meal. The photo is much the same view as I had from the kitchen. So, life moves on I guess.

Best so far

20120120-210247.jpg best pizza i’ve made so far. It’s a shame that with Amelia’s wheat allergy I don’t get to cook like this much. But I do love sourdough made with wild yeast. Not that I’ve made much for the last few years. I’ve made some very bad wheat free things though. Some gems, sure (Yorkshire puffs, hazelnut meal chocolate cake), but generally it’s been poor. I can’t complain too much, I eat way more veggies and other stuff. So I guess it is doing me good.