I’m a legend

Watching Spicks and Specks with the 6 year old:

“How do you know all the answers?!”

Good to know I still can impress here!

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Need a new qemu build

Wow, it’s been a while since I last did this…

So, as before, build & install zlib and SDL. In my case they are in e:\apps\zlib-1.2.5 and e:\apps\SDL-1.2.14

export PATH=$PATH:/e/apps/gtk-2.24.8/bin
export PATH=$PATH:/e/apps/SDL-1.2.14/bin
./configure –prefix=/e/apps/qemu-1.7.0 –enable-sdl –python=e:/apps/python- –extra-cflags=”-I /e/apps/zlib-1.2.5/include -L /e/apps/zlib-1.2.5/lib”
make install

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Back at work (Already?!)

I thought Amelia would have played up more with me not being around all day like the last three weeks. Ha, goes to show my over inflated sense of importance. Straight out of the car at her grandmothers. No tears, nothing. I’ll take those Christmas presents back now, thanks.

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Washing the car because we can

Some time back I got very lucky with a photo of Amelia framing herself with an arc of water from the hose. It was B&W and not really focused. So a sunny afternoon washing the car presented a new opportunity.

All I have to do is get her to do it again…











Finally, but with a lower resolution waterproof camera. Have to try again another day….

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Things heard while feeding ducks

Mother and boy of about four walk up while Amelia and I are feeding some ducks.

Boy: mum, you like boys don’t you. You like lots of boys!
Mother: um (turning red)
Boy: Do you like Dad?
Mother: sometimes

Then she ushered him away while avoiding eye contact. Provably wishing she could disappear into a crack in the ground.

Don’t you love kids?

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It rain, it raineth everyday

So. A rainy period by any definition. Now all the lawn mushrooms are coming up.


Mummy is heading to Singapore tonight for a conference. So pookie people are more of a handful than usual.


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Symbio Park adventure

Things heard in the park:

I can’t walk, pick me up. My legs are too long!

That’s a cow. What’s wrong with his face? It’s a cow, that’s how they look….

Is the snake looking at me? Make him stop!

(During the reptile show, as loud as possible): Is everybody quiet? Am I quiet? Be quiet everybody!


The best part of the day ? This pile of dirt! I think we came back to it more than 5 times.

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Little kids with small cameras

Amelia has had a camera of her own since Christmas. This has led her to document many aspects of her life. What books she reads, jigsaws completed, her feet…..

IMG_0904 IMG_1019

I think it is pretty cool when she snaps pictures of me, (aware or otherwise). It does give a different perspective.

IMG_1006 IMG_1068

Fortunately, it is a water proof camera, so I can get some shots of her that you’d not normally be game to! Again, she takes pictures that would seems strange if you were more than 100cm tall!

IMG_1060  IMG_1072

It’s cool that she is proud of what she does. It seems not that long ago that just being able stack one block on another was pretty cool. Now we’ve got fine motor skills and imagination!


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