Horrifying or What?!

So, it’s December?

When did that happen? I only just took the lights out of the garden and its time to put them back?

Time for biab

After getting back into home brew, it’s time to have a crack at an all grain recipe. SMaSH and all that. Aiming for a pale ale. Something really simple because I just want to concentrate on doing it, not on technique.

Very happy to have seen kits-and-bits make stuff way better than what I used to make in the early nineties. I’ll wonder if I can get my dad back into small batch brewing this way…

That space where Christmas used to be

Having gone away before twelfth night, and then straight back to school and work on our return, the decorations did rather tend to stay up a long while.

Now, I just have an empty space in the living room.

Father’s Day BBQ Chicken

Because it’s good.

Too late to found a successful start up. A quiet beer while the BBQ gets up to temperature is the next best thing.

It’s been eighteen years and sixteen days.

A well earned beer while the BBQ fires up. Waaaay too much gardening done. But then, I wanted a yard…

The falcon seems to be accepting its new role of trophy car. It's not been the daily driver for six months now. Instead, a sort of project car, sadly lacking skills from me though.

Given it is worth less than a set of tyres, and much less than the annual on road costs, I know it makes no sense to keep it. It's not a V8, or even a turbo six. Plain jane interior that needs a new headliner. Any money spent is crazy. Still, it was our car for nearly twenty years. Took us to our wedding, birth of our daughter and all the other stuff of life.

500,000 km down. These were always strong cars. Let down by terrible interiors. I blame the fleet buyers. Oh well. Sunset was pretty.

With the light behind her, she could pass for someone half her age.

My girl is growing up

When they are babies, what great models. But then what choice do they have?

Now at nearly eight, Amelia is off playing with friends. Not posing. And not easy to get candids of at the park.

I guess I'll have to turn to macro, or nature/landscaper now.

This is why you can’t depend on Sydney trains

Sigh. No commuter car parking. Cancelled services, no information from staff. Missed appointments.  Having to factor in so much extra time. Yup, it’s still cheaper to drive and pay for parking once time and being stuffed around is taken into account.