Off to France we go

fishThanks to everyone who came to lunch today. I’m off on my French adventure starting tomorrow. New contacts, opportunities and hopefully some good work. Not that I’m going to miss the STI rush season too much!

In any case, with the time differences, real time contact is going to be a little difficult while I’m away. But since we now have sharepoint available remotely, I’m going to try maintaining this blog as I go. (emphasis on try)

bye fish

I’m going to France to work for 6 weeks

Ok, for the benefit of my extended family, this is probably a bit of a surprise. Obviously a work trip takes time to organise and you are wondering why I didn’t tell anyone till now….

Well, this one took a while to get off the ground. A fair bit of back and forth firstly to get approval to make it happen then to get a final date to start. So up until about 3 weeks from leaving, dates were still up in the air (with the strong possibility to just delay by several months).

So with that explained (how ever badly) here is a summary of things so far…