Bunker blues

We have a roughly weekly work golf game that travels between the public courses in the Illawarra. With good coastal rains this late summer, the grass has been the best for a long time. Sadly one feature of the Illawarra courses always disappoints. Bunkers!

Sadly the sand is often the coarse local beach variety. The bunkers are undrained, so morning golf in winter means rock hard bottoms filled with dew… And the sand is not kept topped up. The number of times the club just bounces off the clay less than 1cm below the surface and I watch a bad miss-hit strike the face of the bunker…

It’s still better than sitting at a desk though.


Boxing day sales today. As a husband, my job is mostly to hang around and carry things, prefereably not wandering off. During the interminable queues for access to the fitting rooms the husband has to find something to do. And since he is standing in the ladies apparel department, he needs to be somewhat circumspect. In my case: find some not so good looking clothes on a rack, stands nearby, but our of a thoroughfare and stare off into the middle distance.

Well today I found out something unusual…

Any clothes, no matter how unflattering, can be made instantly more desirable by stationing a disinterested male in front of them!

It worked over and over again. And not just with me, I saw many other guys shooed out of the way so ladies could descend onto the racks and dismiss the mechanise. I think I need a beer…

Why oh why

One of the annoying things about Win32 has always been the fixed sized dialogs. You know how it is when some program pops up a dialog with a lot of information in it, but is modal and small (presumably so it will fit on 640×480 screens, or worse). Then you are stuck scrolling around….

I always liked that gtk based apps nearly always gave you non modal dialogs so you could resize as needed. In fact, since the default was non-modal lazy programmers almost never bothered to do anything else.

So Fedora-10, yum pops up a notification that a system error has occurred blah blah. Click for more information and I get:

Real smart.

The power of one…

I love the geographically challenged. Owning a WD external drive I thought I’d get another one, this time with firewire since my laptop has it available. After tooling about trying to find an Australian vendor, I thought I’d check out WD’s website, at least they should be able to point me to local resellers. The picture pretty much says it all (click the thumbnail).

In cases like this I’m always interested at what point someone just said, “screw it, I know it makes no sense, but I’m not going to argue”. Someone must have thought it a little silly implementing all of the infrastructure to select between a list of “one” countries.

Why is my car handling funny?

Hmm, several hours into a drive to see my dad, I thought it might be time to stop and take a break…it seemed like I was wandering about the road a little….


Looks like I ran over something. Wish I hadn’t, no serious harm done, but bad luck is still bad.

Oh, is that what it means

I’ve been gaining confidence in the whole morning greeting thing. Bonjour, easy enough. When you are working from a script, it all goes well until people start hitting you with the variations.

So this morning as I’m greeting people, I meet the secretary, “bonjour” I say, “something something something” she say in return. I assume its all good and turn to walk out….

Then I get another string of French, this time in a universal tone of voice that tells me I’ve committed some sort of faux pas. Oh no!

I need help. (ok basic high school French, but still more than I have…)

Actually I was being asked “Ça va?” (How are you?) But not knowing any better, just ignoring it as a bit of the conversation I didn’t understand. How rude!

Oh well, she explained my error. Tomorrow is another day, a day in which I’ll have a new canned response ready: Ça va bien!