nancy_sqThe former regional captial. Bigger than Metz, a lot more guilding, older archetecture feel and so on. Went to the school of the arts museum and the art gallery. Both interesting but quirky. (what regional museum isn’t).

Spent a bit of time in the main park. peacockChildren’s zoo, peacocks roaming wild, stealing food and all that. The macqacs were evil. One managed to catch a sparrow, so we were treated to the sight of it being plucked and torn apart. The scary thing about primates is how easy with anthopomorphise them. So when he first caught the sparrow and it wasn’t dead yet, he looks out at the tourists (to make sure we were watching?) before rolling the bird back and forth on the ground like a rolling pin to smouther it.

Watching the heirachy of who gets to eat unmollested was fun. Too easy to see corporate structures at the monkey house.